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How Will Lenders Advertise Once Google Blocks Them From Adwords

Payday loans lenders can use other alternatives to advertise their cash advance loans even though Google announced that they are going to block them through Adwords. The payday loan industry is worth billions of dollars of annual income. Although there are a lot of scam payday loan shop, there are still many legitimate lenders that offers these short term loans for people who are in need of money urgently.

If you want people to easily notice your storefront, you should open the shop in a location that is nearby to banks. Lots of people go to bank every day so your payday loan shop will surely be noticed. There is a good percentage of people who go to the bank that have some short term financial problems so setting your storefront nearby the bank can attract many potential customers.

Payday loan lenders can distribute fliers in public places that are frequented by a lot of people such as libraries, apartments, and shopping malls. You must make sure that the payday loan application process is smooth and fast since people looking to this option needs money urgently. The simple application process for the payday loan should be emphasized on all the flier that you hand out.
You can use different types of slogans to advertise your business. There are a lot of people with poor credit score or in bankruptcy situation that often look for bank loan alternatives so you should create a slogan targeted to this group of people.

You can offer some incentives as an encouragement for people to bring in customers. For example you can offer a commission for anyone who refer a friend to take out a cash advance loan. You can make it easy for people to refer their friends by handing out referral cards to your existing customers.
A survey conducted by Pew research shows that most people don’t pay their payday loan by the next payday but roll over for at least a few more months. To encourage people to take out a loan, you can offer a discount on the interest to help your customer to afford the loan. The discount that you offer must be sufficient to get people to become interested in signing up for a loan with you.

Even though Google does not allow payday loans advertisements, this doesn’t stop you from launching a website for your payday loan service. The benefit of online payday loan service that customers can quickly get the funds that they need within 24 hours. You can optimize your payday loan site for a number of important payday loan terms in the search engine by getting backlinks. When your payday loan site is ranking on the search engine, you will get a lot of customers from the organic search result.

Consumers Struggling With Cash Flow Should Consider A Credit Card Balance Transfer

Many people have paid off their credit card debts faster by transferring them to a new credit card with lower balance transfer fee and APR interest rate. Many balance transfer cards are offering zero percentage APR and balance transfer for a limited introductory period. It will be worthwhile to apply for the balance transfer card if you have the means to pay off the balance you transfer within the introductory period. It will lighten your debt burden because you won’t be paying for the high interest fees that are charged by your original card. The typical introductory period offered by a balance transfer card ranges 3 months to 15 months.

How to Determine If It Makes Sense for Transfer a Credit Card Balance with a New Company

The length of the introductory period is not the only thing you should consider but you are to also check if there is any other fees. For example, you may be charged with a balance transfer fee even though there is no interest charges during the introductory period. The balance transfer fee is a charge you have to pay as soon as you have transferred your balance to the new card. The balance transfer fee is normally 3%. The balance transfer fee can reduce the amount of money you are saving when paying your credit card debt. For example, if you transfer $5,000 to a new card with 0% APR during the introductory period and 3% balance transfer fee, you have to pay $150 in fees when the transfer is completed.

Cards that don’t charge balance transfer fee usually come with a requirement to transfer the balance within a certain period. The promotional period for qualifying for zero balance transfer fee is about 60 days to 90 days after the account opening. Another common fee that is charged is the annual fee which is pay once every year. If possible, you should find a card with long introductory period of up to 12 months – 15 months, no balance fee and no annual fee. Long introductory period gives you enough time to pay off your balance so that you don’t have to struggle to pay the bill every month.

To find out whether it makes sense to apply for the balance transfer card, you have to take into account factors such as the amount of your debt and how much time you think you will need to take to pay off the entire balance. After you get approved for the card, you must be discipline and stick to your commitment to pay the bill on time. There is no need to terminate the old card because it can cause your credit score to drop. But, you must also not charge your old card again for new purchases as it will vindicate the benefits you get from making the balance transfer. Being disciplined to pay your bill on time will prevent you from losing the 0% deal.

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Proper Budgeting Can Make 2016 A Year Of Financial Prosper

Every financial expert will recommend you have a budget, but most people just kind of “wing it,” and keep a general idea in their head of how they need to spend their money. This is a big mistake. A budget is a map of your financial present and future, and if you do it correctly, you can create a budget that allows you to keep all your bills paid, as well as save for retirement, a rainy day, and allow a little extra for you to spend on something just because you want it.

There are many programs that will create a budget for you. Do an internet search of “budget creating software,” budget creator,” or “budget apps,” and you are going to get so many hits, your head will spin. Are all of these programs equal? Of course not, but since one big part of creating a budget is to save money, check out the free ones first. They don’t cost you anything, and if they don’t work to your liking, you can always go and find another one. If you really want to track your money on an ongoing basis, spend the money on programs like Microsoft Money or Quicken, both of which you can link with your bank, and have budget programs built in. While those programs are great for doing that, since you are just starting out, try the free programs first just to get a feel for it. Once you see how much a budget and keeping track of your income and expenses helps you plan for your future and stick to a plan, then invest in one of those programs and go wild, because they can track everything if you set them up correctly.

Most of the programs work by asking you a bunch of questions. They will ask about your income, your taxes, your fixed expenses (think rent/mortgage), necessary expenses (utilities, insurance) and what else you spend your money on. Many will also ask you what your goal is in creating a budget, like “how much money would you like to save in a year?” After asking you all kinds of questions, the program will generate a budget for you. Remember, you want to create this budget, so be honest and as accurate as you can when you answer the questions, otherwise the program doesn’t have the correct information and your budget will be useless.

The best programs allow you to look at the software generated budget and make adjustments when you see where you are possibly spending too much money, like eating out too often.
The biggest trick is to look at the budget as your friend, not the enemy. Make sure that the budget you create is something you can live with, otherwise you won’t stick to it. One way I always recommend doing this is by building into your budget “entertainment expenses.” That’s a fancy way of saying money you can spend on anything you want, whether it is going out with friends, or buying a new pair of shoes that you want but don’t really need. Psychologically, when we know we have that “entertainment money,” we don’t feel so constricted by the budget, we can’t stick to it. Some weeks, you might not even use your “entertainment money.” You can put it in savings or under your mattress and let it add up for something really special that you want. The point is it will make it so much easier to stick to your budget. And don’t forget, review it at least twice a year (quarterly would be better) to see if you are sticking to it, if it is working for you, and if there are any tweaks you can make to it.

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Tips For Avoiding Identity Theft and Protecting Your Financial DATA

We have talked about data theft before on this website, but did you know that your old computers could pose a risk? Merely deleting files on your computer before selling it or throwing it away will not protect you from those who mean you harm. This is because there is easy to use software that can recover deleted files, such as Recova, even if the recycle bin has been emptied. Even a freshly formatted hard drive can give up valuable date to identity thieves and others who wish you ill will.

If you do not wish your log in information, passwords, and other financial data to fall into the wrong hands, you have only one real choice. In order to securely delete this information, you need to overwrite it all with new 1s and 0s. If the computer is not longer going to be used by you, even if you intend to recycle it, or throw it away, let alone sell it, you will need to make sure no trace of your data remains. This means wiping the entire drive. Sure you could try and wipe individual files, but you will likely miss important information, especially considering how computers often store information in multiple locations on your computer, such as your roaming files.

Wiping the drive completely is the best way to go. Yet this can pose an issue if you wish to pass the computer on to a loved one or sell it, in the fact that wiping the drive completely will also erase your operating system. If you wipe the drive you will need a recovery disk or a valid copy of Windows or Linux in the case of an Apple system. Yet this can destroy the Windows license on your computer.

Some software that wipes a computer clean will scrub your computer dozens of times, but the reality is in most cases you do not need to go that strong. You can use software that does a simple one pass wipe, and this will make any data unusable to most criminals. I say most because some really expert ones can bypass this, but if they have this level of skill, chances are they do not have time to do this to your computer. This is because as with this level of skill there is more lucrative fish in the sea to go after.

Money Saving Tips For Dealing With Wage Garnishments

If you have been hit with a garnishment for a debt that is long past due (mortgage, auto loan, personal loan), you could be losing as much as 25% of your paycheck until the debt is repaid. Many people facing garnishment feel they are trapped, with no way out. You do have options you can take to fight garnishment, even if you have already been garnished for some time now. You can protest, or object to the garnishment. You will need to file for a hearing in the court that levied the garnishment on you.

There are some basic steps to follow, although some steps will vary according to what state you live in. No creditor with the exception of the government, student loan debt and past due child support can garnish you without a court hearing. Even if a judgement has been levied on you, the creditor must go to court again and file papers to start the garnishment process. You do not need to be in court for the creditor to win a garnishment order on you.

If the court grants your creditor an order to garnish your wages, the marshal or sheriff will deliver the order to your employer. In most states you have the right to receive a written notice informing you that you will be garnished. You have the right to a hearing in court before your employer may begin with holding your income. This hearing is your chance to have the garnishment lowered, work out a payment plan or possibly even have the garnishment order thrown out altogether. The notice you will receive should be called a Notice of Garnishment of Personal Earnings, but this name might differ according to what state you reside in.

Once you receive your Notice of Garnishment of Personal Earnings, you must act very quickly, or your time window to act will close. The time to act will range from 30 days on the high end, to a mere 5 days in some states. If this window closes due to your failure to act, garnishment can and will begin. If you have any objections to your garnishment, you must beat this deadline.

To start your objection process you will need to file paperwork, in a written objection to any proposed wage garnishment. The notice that court sent you will outline the proper procedure to follow as far as how to start the written objection. You must send this to court, but you also must send a copy to your creditor who won judgement on you, in most states. Your objection must include the case number and case caption, and the reasons you are objecting. It must also be currently dated and contain your contact information, then you must sign the document. If you fail to do this correctly you may be waiving your right to fight the garnishment at a later date. If you are unsure of any of these steps, call a debt attorney, they are especially trained to deal with all manner of debt related legal maters.

Court will send you a hearing date. It is vital that you attend this hearing, if you want to protect your income. If you have not heard from the court with the date and time of your hearing, do contact the clerk of the court, as mistakes do happen. When you have your moment in court do not challenge the judgement itself, you will lose, you can however challenge the garnishment itself. You can argue for exemption or for relief by means of a lower percentage of garnishment. Bring with you to court any and all documents related to the case, and any documents that will support your claims. The judge will then render a decision which will take one of three forms, lowered garnishment, vacating the garnishment altogether, or upholding the garnishment if your objections have no merit.

This article just covers the basics and should not be taken as legal advice. If you need legal advice seek out a debt attorney.

Reviewing Top Personal Loan Providers Serving West Virginia

If you are looking for the best personal loan rates in West Virgina, chances are you might not find them, if you only look for banks and other physical location lenders. You can increase the odds of finding the best possible rate by expanding your search to include online lenders. Online lenders do not need to worry about multiple branches throughout the country, so their overhead is lower than a bank for example. Often times this lower overhead allows them to be more competitive with borrowers when it comes to providing a personal loan. Of course a borrowers credit will still affect their available rates, but even still often times online lenders will still provide a better rate over a bank.

Many people avoid online lenders not knowing who is reputable or where to go. In an attempt to help consumers looking for personal loans in West Virgina, we have complied a list of reputable lenders who do business in West Virgina. These lenders have solid reputations, are licensed to do business in West Virgina, and have many pro’s to their businesses models. If you are wondering how doing business with an online lender differs from doing business with say for example a bank, there are several key differences. For one applying for these loans is much easier, and quicker, not to mention it can be done in the comfort of your own home. Secondly, approval for these loans is often very quick, on average you can expect a decision on your loan application within 24 to 48 hours after applying. Of course this assumes you have all the required information on hand such as your monthly and yearly income, start date of employment, length of residency at current address and your social security number of course. You should also be prepared to fax or email a scanned copy of a pay stub to verify your income. It would also be wise to know where your credit score stands before applying for any loan. Here is our list of the top personal loan providers for West Virginia.

Pioneer Military Loans

Have you served in any branch of the armed services? Do you currently serve in the military? If you answered yes to either of the above, Pioneer Services might very well be the lender of choice for you. Pioneer Services understands military life, the challenges that military personal current and former face. They also know about the financial needs of military personal facing an upcoming deployment. Regardless of what your rank is, or your credit score, Pioneer Services welcomes loan applications from both current and past military personal. Yes that’s right even if your credit score is less than perfect, this lender may be able to work with you, for a loan anywhere from $1000 to $5000. Customer service is U.S based and has excellent reviews. You can apply at
Pioneer WV

Pioneer WV federal Credit Union is a credit union that offers loan applications online. They offer competitive rates, and loan amounts. Applying is rather easy and quick. They offer extremely flexible terms. Customer service is efficient, and always friendly. They even offer auto payments or payroll deduction so that you never need to worry about missing a payment.


Installment Loans Quick is another online lender doing business in West Virginia. Loan amounts range start at $1500 and go as high as $25,000. You can even check to see if you are pre qualified to be approved for a loan on their website, without affecting your credit score, so that when you do apply you can be secure in knowing that you will be approved for your loan. They also have a fast approval time, generally you can expect a loan decision within 24 to 36 hours. They have excellent U.S based customer service, and they can be reached over the phone at 1-800-961-5577 for those who prefer to do business over the phone with a live person ( although your application will need to be online or at one of their physical locations, they do not take loan applications over the phone, and beware of any lender claiming to take loan applications over the phone!).